Beggars Cannot Always Be Choosers

When I graduated, I was flat broke. I did not have a penny to my name. It was difficult for me to find a job. I graduated in the middle of the economic recession. Many people like myself could not find work. I went to many job boards, but I could not find employment. I had expenses and needed to have some type of steady income to survive. I tried many temp agencies, but they were not very helpful. My friend told me about a new corporation. They needed contact center employees. He advised me that I could use him as a reference and he would refer me to his supervisor. I was very grateful.

The application process was very quick. It took less than a week. The supervisor quickly got in touch with me. He called me in for an interview and I gratefully accepted. He was very impressed with my resume. He mention that my friend bragged about me. He offered me a job as a contact center specialist. My job required that I answer phone calls from consumers and solve their problems. The pay was very modest. It was five dollars an hour. Read more

Industrial Supplies – What Are Industrial Supplies

Industrial Supplies are the result of the world turning to Industrialization and it seems that every year there are additions in leaps and bounds as professionals and apprentices come up with novel ways to improve the industry and environment in which we live, work and play.

There are many industries that require the supply of these industrial materials on a regular and daily basis as they go about creating, repairing maintaining and developing machinery and products for consumption by all of us.

Most of the labor force in the entire world is in some way or another linked to the manufacture of a good or product.

So, if you consider that there are specific industries out in the world that carry the responsibility for industry in general, they will need to obtain their supplies from somewhere and this is what we call industrial supplies.

Industries like that of engineering, manufacturing, robotics, scientists and laboratories, janitorial and sanitation will all need to remain at their most productive by having the correct tools and materials available for the job at hand.

Engineering supplies take the form of various metal sheets, metal piping, lathes and other metalworking equipment in order for these engineering firms to continue productively.

The manufacturing industry will rely on vast quantities of raw materials in order for molds to be pressed into products, parts to be made for end products and even timber for household products like beds and furniture.

Robotics is a specialized industry that fortunately is improving our lives on a daily basis as those little gadgets like cellular telephones and televisions are created smaller and smaller every year with more and more functions and capabilities.

These goods and products could not be possible without research and development into fields such as robotics, science and industrial development.

Scientists and laboratories consume large amounts of raw chemicals on a daily basis as they try, test and receive approval from the FDA to go into production of pharmaceuticals.

These labs all require machines and technology to operate which are possible with the help of the engineering, mechanical, electronic and a stack more of expertise in order to have the equipment and tools that they do.

This is why it is extremely important to the sustainability of the economy and gross domestic production in general to ensure a sound supply of industrial materials and industrial supplies in general.

Information About Low Price Travel Industry

We like to refresh after a long days of work, sometimes we fed up with our daily life. Busy and hectic life is not always good, our mind and soul needs some refreshments. Sometime, we need to break free and go for some energizing voyage.

Traveling to the new places and within different people and culture gets your body and mind re-energized. There are several time for travel You can go for weekend travel, a week travel or a months long travel. Some might like adventure travel and some like to explore new culture, food and traditions. One can choose nature of their travel according to time frame and interest.

For instance, we can categories travel into two different segments, one is inbound traveling and other is outbound. In bound travel refers to traveling inside one’s country, where outbound travel is traveling to another country. People do not only travel for fun, they travel sometime for business purpose too. For instance, meeting new corporate parties or to explore new business ventures, for this one needs everything that business class service has to offer. You are recommended to choose a reliable travel company or travel tour operators, who have a long experience of organizing, otherwise your time and money can go waste. You can also get an advice from family members or friends who already have an experience of traveling that place in which you are going to.

Before deciding, you need to keep in mind several of things such as booking a flight, train ticket to go to another country or city, booking a hotel or suite where you are It is a smart decision to book all these from a dependable travel company or tour operators, they will manage all your traveling needs according to your requirements including hotel booking, flight, train ticket reservation, excursion or tour packages. You have to plan or book your travel in advance otherwise it can be difficult to get tickets and everything gets costly in the last minutes, as you know.

Before going for a vacation to another country there are few things you must ensure to check first-hand, about passport and visas, travel insurance, custom rules and regulations of visiting country and also the weather conditions. You must bring right clothes according to the weather condition of the new place, if you gather information about customs, religions and society of visiting new place or country it will be very easy to travel as you are well alert of the situations.

Choosing a certified and experienced travel company which provides the lowest ticket pricing and lowest travel package cost makes your travel pleasant and memorable.

In The Online Handmade Industry Brand DOES Matter

In The Online Handmade Industry: Brand Does Matter

By Dennis Speer

Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

The Online Handmade Industry is boundless. Created by entrepreneurial artists and artisans to sell their works online, it has spawned many venues. Handmade marketplaces of all shapes and sizes litter the internet, all trying to present the best sales platform for those who create the art products that appear on them. With over 100 billion live sites out there and literally trillions of products displayed for sale on them, actually being seen by the buying public can be a tall order.

How do buyers find the products they are looking for? Hits become misses and many of these trillions of products go unnoticed. A website can be like a billboard on a dark desert highwayno one seems to see them or the shops and wares they contain.

So, what might an aspiring artist or artisan do to be noticed in such a vast environment, you ask? The key to success is to create a Brand and promote the Brand recognition that it develops. Branding is an often overlooked or even omitted component of a marketing plan for some shop owners.

When developing a Brand look at some existing artisan shops. Many are very well done and are visually elaborate while some appear to be MIA. And Missing In Action is not where artists would want their shop to reside. By examining existing shops you will begin to develop a sense for what is attractive and what is lackluster. A shop created with Brand in mind will have an appearance and feeling of reliability and character while those who dont attempt it simply wont. The point is to create your Brand so it will attract a buyers curiosity and reinforce return frequency. And for those who dontwell, you get the picture.

If you are planning to open a shop in the Online Handmade Industry or want to redesign an existing one, here are some things to think about:

The shop name is the first important consideration. The name of a shop should reflect whats inside. The products or works displayed in a shop are the source of revenue for its owner and should be positioned as such. Weve seen some pretty creative and descriptive shop names over the years, but some get a little too far out there to be relevant. Another consideration in naming a shop are the key words or phrases that may be associated with the name. Word competition is fierce and can mean being seen or not. The priority here is to get the buyer into your shop.

Product categorization and niching is important for a shop owner within their handmade marketplace venues. Traditional category titles are bland by nature and difficult to jazz up so try to make common seem uncommon. The Brand you create should reflect creativity and originality of the products and works the Brand represents. Determine the visual impact of the Brand and its logo/banner and display them wherever possible.

Promoting your Brand is as crucial as creating it in the first place. As stated before, a billboard on a dark desert highway wont be viewed by the masses.

Industries Less Likely Affected By Recession

There are business sectors that do quite well during the good times, like tourism, fine dining, and casinos. But many of these boon-thriving industries fail to perform well during the hard times. These are the top ten most resilient industries.

1. Fast Food. When the economic times are hard, no one wants to spend more than twenty dollars for a meal. People tend to go to fast food chains to have lunch or dinner at a friendly price. They dont mind high carb or high fat content of the food. They just want to eat! Many fast food restaurants offer combo meals that provide savings for customers. Value meals during recession are more than attractive. No wonder McDonalds was doing great during the recent recession.

2. Film. The movie industry has proved to be more resilient than most other industries out there. Going to a cinema seems a lavish expenditure during a downturn, but people prefer watching a movie to buying a DVD copy of it, which is a more expensive recourse. Not only did people go to cinemas but also did they rent movies online. Online movie rentals increased during the recession. Many people realized that it makes more sense to just rent a film than to buy a copy. Anyway, they would only watch it once or twice.

3. Junk Food. It so happened that more people tend to buy snacks when the economy took a free fall. Candy makers, soda companies, and chocolate manufacturers all saw increased sales during the recession. Psychologists believe that having a piece of candy or a bar of chocolate makes you look back to a simpler life.

4. Energy. People didnt stop consuming electricity or gas during the recession. In the modern world, it is hard to think of existence without needing energy sources. Even though people had to save on electrical consumption during the recession, the energy industry remained alive simply because you cannot live without TV, fridge, washing machine, and internet.

5. Virtual Assistance. More people are acquiring work online. As business owners wanted to cut back overhead, they had to farm out much of the office work. This is why the terms virtual assistants and virtual secretaries became popular.

6. Online Selling. Many online stores also saw a boon during the recession. During the recession people spent more time indoors. Shopping at brick-and-mortar shops was like a grave sin. They instead turned to online shopping, which is more convenient. Its also easy to spot promos and discounts online.

7. Repossession. Many people were not able to pay dues on items bought on installment payment basis. Failure of payment leads to repossession of an item. The seller or company usually hires a repossession agency to handle the recovery of the item.

8. Repair Services. People had to save money during the downturn and they were reluctant to buy new things. Broken phones or faulty cameras were likely to be sent to repair shops instead of be replaced with new ones.

9. Health Care. The need for health care services did not stop during the recession. People still needed to go to their doctors and buy medications. No one wanted to ignore their health concerns.

10. Education. The rise in unemployment did not deter young people from going to college and pursuing higher education. Even professionals had to go back to school to earn more skills.

Vending Cart Industry In India

The vending cart industry in India has a historic presence, even the format of the cart has not evolved a lot. Still the cart is made of wood with an iron frame to support the wheel and the wood. The cost of the cart being roughly around USD 10 and it makes the capital investment very low. Any one who feels to try his/her entrepreneur skill can invest in with the low capital amount and the stock. No licenses are required to operate such carts in India as they are not legal. When Government starts any action against them they disappear from the market and as soon as the caravan of the government vehicle passes by they reappear as nothing has happened ever. All it requires you to operate such cart is small amount of money (since very low capital), willingness to work and last but not least entrepreneur skill to operate your business.

The vending business in India can be seen across all the industry. One can find food, vegetables, fruits, clothes, shoes, toys, groceries and everything and anything on the cart put up for sale. Recently I have seen a cart selling very costly decorative item on the cart. The carts usually rule the street and at times you can find a specialized market for them which is set up by the local authorities (to improve the conditions of street vendors) generally known as Hatwada in Northern India. But the major industry that rules the vending industry in India is the food industry. You can find every kind of food being served on the plates of these local street food vendors, mostly unhygienic but at times hygienic too.

The scenario of vending business in India is now changing. With the efforts of the government (Ministry of Food Processing in India) and local authorities the vending business in India will see a tremendous change in coming years. With the PPP model a lot can happen which not only can improve the condition of the vending business in India as well as also be able to improve the quality being served on these street carts. Some companies Like KDCPL have already popped in for a better street vending in India.

Where Can I Get Testing Jobs in Video Game Industry

Many gamers are looking for jobs in video game industry. Unfortunately though, most video game jobs require some form of education, be it from a technical school or from college. This is a serious barrier for hardcore gamers, many of whom just want to play video games and get paid for it. Luckily, there is an option available to such gamers; one that requires little to no training. What is it? Professional video game testing.

Unlike with game designing or game programming, one does not need a degree or college education to succeed in game testing. All a person needs to obtain testing jobs in video game industry is the ability to play video games and the ability to spot game glitches (high attention to detail). If the gamer has both those traits, he/she is ready to be a gamer tester right now.

Two Types of Testers

Most people don’t know this, but there are two types of video game testers; the at-home tester and the “testing center” game tester. The at-home tester, as you can no doubt guess, works primary from home; while the “testing center” game tester works in a public building with others.

How do the two differ? Well, for one, the at-home tester doesn’t have to leave his house to go to work. The second difference is the at-home video game tester won’t be working with a team. Aside from those two differences, there really isn’t much else. Both types will need to create bug reports on the games they are testing, both will receive free video games, both will get insider information on new games, and both will get paid excellent salaries for their work.

Getting Testing Jobs In Video Game Industry

You won’t get any video game tester jobs sitting on your hind-end waiting for game companies to come to you; it’s not that easy. Instead, you have to get yourself out there and actively search for new positions that are opening up.

Gaming companies are constantly launching new games, which means they are CONSTANTLY looking for new game testers to test those games. This is where you come in. Get in contact with these companies & developers and tell them what you have to offer. Brag about your experience and how long you’ve been gaming. The more experience you have with video games, the more they will be impressed and the more likely they will be to hire you.

If you’re up for it, tell game developers that you’ll test the first few games free of charge. Free game testing may not come with pay, but it is an excellent way to build up your references and your list of contacts.

Freight Shipping Industry Concerns

The freight shipping industry has been on a fantastic ride for the last few years. The volume of shipments has increased exponentially and the number of freight forwarders and shipping providers has increased dramatically in order to keep up with demand. Although the freight shipping industry was impacted by the global recession in 2008 with many companies facing bankruptcy or going into receivership, overall the industry has remained bullish. The reason for the strength of the industry is simple businesses and individuals will always need to have their goods and products shipped to their customers.

Since the global marketplace has opened up drastically worldwide, it is now possible for consumers to shop twenty-four hours a day and for e-tailers to remain open in order to meet that demand. Naturally, with constant business being transacted, it means that freight shipping providers will always have work. The biggest problem currently facing the freight forwarders of the world is how to sustain the level of growth that they have been experiencing. It may not seem like a very complex issue, but it is, in fact, one of the most important that the shipping industry must resolve. The worlds shipping needs are currently being met because the infrastructure needed to sustain it is already in place. The problem arises from the fact that the current infrastructure is being used almost to capacity. If the freight shipping industry wants to continue expanding, it will have to begin creating new infrastructure to support the increase.

Now, creating the infrastructure requires financing something that the freight shipping companies may lack, and governments might not see the need to invest in building new ports, airports, railways and highways if they cannot see an immediate financial return from doing so. However, even if the governments from around the world were able to commit to building the needed infrastructure to allow the freight shipping industry to continue expanding, the creation of these new ports and airports will take time. The time needed to build the necessary infrastructure will, inevitably, have an impact on the speed of growth that the freight shipping industry is experiencing.

So, while it is true that the freight shipping sector can continue to expand for the foreseeable future, the long range forecast is far from clear. What is definitely clear is that the industry will have to begin investing in its future and also in finding ways to mitigate the eventual slowdown that all industry analysts know is coming.

The other very important point of consideration when it comes to the freight shipping industry is its negative environmental footprint. Engineers working for the shipping industry have been working on creating more powerful, more efficient engines for their sea and air carriers and they have also been working on ways of eliminating waste from their business model. However, the progress in this area is limited and still needs a lot of research and development to produce significant results. At least the reduction of the freight shipping industry footprint is on the agenda and being worked on diligently.

Indian Software Outsourcing Industry – Developing A It Policy To Penetrate Japanese Market

The Indian IT industry has left its mark on the world IT map. It caters to the software outsourcing needs of the major clients from USA, Europe and Australia. The two decades of rich software development experience has empowered the Indian IT industry to become number one software outsourcing destination in the world.

However in near future Indian IT industry will have to look beyond the Western nations to other countries like Japan and China. China is growing at tremendous rate while Japan is the second largest IT market after US. Both, China and Japan, offer tremendous business opportunities to Indian IT outsourcing companies.

The Japanese industry adopts traditional approach and is resistant to change to change. Therefore Indian IT outsourcing industry will have to devise a sound Japanese-centric policy to penetrate the Japanese market successfully. The Japanese Industry opens its doors from long tern investors and Indian software outsourcing companies should aim for long term investment if they want to bite deeper into the Japanese IT outsourcing pie. The other major challenge is getting past the language barrier because Japanese businesses prefer to conduct their working in Japanese language, rather than English. The Indian software professionals lack Japanese language skills, hence Indian software outsourcing companies should allocate more its resources to train its workers on Japanese language and culture. This will certainly bridge the gap which exists between Indian and Japanese IT industry.

The Indian software outsourcing industry should also give equal preference to China, because it today offers lucrative market for Indian software development companies. Japan today outsources majority of IT development to China software industry. China and Japan are geographically and culturally closer to each other. Besides this there are no language issues as many Chinese software professionals know Japanese language. The Chinese Government is now more focused on developing IT industry and has declared 21 regions in China as tax-free up to 2014 to boost its offshore IT industry.

The best way forward for the Indian software outsourcing industry would be to tap both these markets by setting up offshore development centers in China. Wipro already operates a global IT delivery center in China. The other Indian companies should also follow the suit and train their workers in Japanese and Chinese languages. The setting up Indian ODCs in China will be like killing two birds with one stone. The Indian IT companies through their Chinese ODC can penetrate the local market easily and at same time tap the Japanese market.

The Indian software outsourcing industry should show greater flexibility to successfully tap both Chinese and Japanese market, which it has been finding difficult to crack, so far. It simply cannot ignore these two economies because they offer bright opportunities in the coming years. The software development companies should act quickly before it becomes too late. The emerging economies like Vietnam and Thailand in near future will certainly bite deeper into the software outsourcing pie and hence it right time now for the Indian software outsourcing industry to make inroads into China and Japan. This is the right time when the Indian IT outsourcing industry starts implementing a more friendly IT policy to generate more business revenues.

Japanese Earthquake Influences The IT Industry All Over The World

The earthquake, tsunami and the following power shortage will influence the electronics assemblies supply in a short term, even the price of some devices will be higher. Because of the short power and terrible traffic, the production of the Flash memory, microcontroller, LCD panel and other circuit component will reduce. Meanwhile, Japan is world’s largest supplier of silicon, which provides sixty percent of world’s consumption. It is no doubt that the reduction of production will influence the entire IT industry from memory to the general components.

Although the broken infrastructure will slow the supply of these devices, the world’s supply chain has the stocks with two weeks. Therefore, the short supply and price increase will emerge in the beginning of April, lasting from the first quarter to third quarter of this year. The stocks of semiconductor were always very high before the disaster, which will also slow the shortage phenomenon. Influence by the disaster, the price of high-end Flash memory has increased by ten percent, but the contract price of memory still keeps stable in the OEM market. In the spot market, the price of memory has begun to fluctuate, which has increase seven percent in Friday of last week. The contract price may change with the renewing of contract in the future.

Toshiba is the world’s second last Flash memory manufacturer. Its shipment will reduce by twenty percent, but this quantity will be filled up by Samsung. Therefore, its supply for the tablet computer will be normal. The production line of small and middle screen in Hitachi is influenced by the earthquake heavily, and it has ceased now. Even if the production line is not damaged, the shortage of power will still make the production low. If this state continues, the supply of video game screen and cell phone screen will be difficult. The sixth generation of LCD production line has not been damaged by the disaster in Panasonic, but the shortage of power makes the production low. And the price of its television will be influenced. Apart from these components, P33 and the Japanese automobiles are all influenced by the earthquake obviously. The related integrated circuit is LA9200NM.