Beggars Cannot Always Be Choosers

When I graduated, I was flat broke. I did not have a penny to my name. It was difficult for me to find a job. I graduated in the middle of the economic recession. Many people like myself could not find work. I went to many job boards, but I could not find employment. I had expenses and needed to have some type of steady income to survive. I tried many temp agencies, but they were not very helpful. My friend told me about a new corporation. They needed contact center employees. He advised me that I could use him as a reference and he would refer me to his supervisor. I was very grateful.

The application process was very quick. It took less than a week. The supervisor quickly got in touch with me. He called me in for an interview and I gratefully accepted. He was very impressed with my resume. He mention that my friend bragged about me. He offered me a job as a contact center specialist. My job required that I answer phone calls from consumers and solve their problems. The pay was very modest. It was five dollars an hour. Read more

Banking Industry Politics Of Punishment

The politics of punishment are tricky. Take the playground, for example. The boy in the striped shirt not only pushed your child out of the way at the top of the slide, but also gives your child a good kick for his efforts when he reaches the bottom. You can comfort your own child, but you can’t truly punish the boy in the striped shirt; he is a stranger. You can hope that his parents have a vigilant eye on the playground and will step in and say something, but that doesn’t always happen.

It’s even trickier to punish adults who are acting within legal parameters, if not moral ones. President Obama would like to create a tax to punish banks for effectively taking the bailout money and running. He is calling it a fee, but the proposal is actually for a 0.15 percent tax on the liabilities of large financial institutions. The tax only applies to companies with assets of more than $50 billion, a rather intimate group of about 50. (Reuters)

The tax is proposed to last 10 years and estimated to generate about 90 billion for the government, the majority of that from the ten largest banks. The question is who will really be paying? In all likelihood the banks will use creative accounting to sidestep the tax, as well as share the pain with bank customers in higher fees and tighter rules.

The idea behind the tax is that the Obama administration hopes this fee will give banks and other companies an incentive to whittle down burgeoning balance sheets. Even as President Obama defends the necessity of the bailout in the first place, he has criticized the banking industry for proposing nearly record-breaking bonuses. According to the Associated Press, “Six of the biggest U.S. banks are on track to pay $150 billion in total executive compensation for 2009, slightly less than the record $164 billion in 2007 before the financial crisis struck, according to the New York state comptroller’s office.”

The President is strongly suggesting that banks pay the fee out of the bonus pool, rather than find ways to pass the cost of the fee down to the customer. However, it is more likely that banks will keep the bonuses and find ways around the tax. Some of those solutions could involve risky loans, which is what started this whole mess in the first place.

While the President is insisting that Congress will pass the proposed bank tax, it is hardly a foregone conclusion. Republicans, not to mention the financial industry, is opposing it. And just what will the bankers spend all those billions in bonus money on? According to CNNMoney, at the top of the list is real estate. Bank execs will spend money on swanky New York apartments and European vacation homes. Also on the banking bonus wish list is private school tuition, expensive vacations, boats, cars and Botox. Yes, Botox. Apparently big time bankers need to look wrinkle-free to stay competitive.

Steel Industry- Useful Information

The steel industry has undergone many changes in the recent years, especially in the US. With the competition for business becoming more competitive, steel producers have had to look for ways to reduce costs while increasing their production. The USA has quickly become one of the world leaders in steel production due to all of the efforts of these companies to remain competitive. It is still forecast that the employment opportunities will continue to decrease yet the production rates are forecast above average making the steel industry a profitable business.

The steel industry produces steel by combining scrap metals, iron, and additional products and melts them down to produce other products. The molten steel is poured into molds, or cast into other forms such as rods, sheets, wires, cold rolled steel or whatever the demand may be. It is a complicated process but with this small description you can see the amount of work that goes into each product.

How do scrap steel prices affect me as a consumer?

To know just how much your scrap is worth you can check the steel price index. As demands for scrap (which is the base product of many production companies) increases the prices go up to encourage vendors to get rid of their stock. Even the average Joe has learned to make a profit off of this industry by offering to clean out garages, take in your junk cars on trade and so on.

Five short years ago used car dealers were able to buy up cars, repair them and turn a profit by offering affordable transportation to you, the consumer. Now we see a downslide in the auto industry because it is more profitable for an auto owner to take their car to the scrap yard and make a higher profit therefore making the price of a used car go up because there are fewer affordable vehicles available to the public.

How does Cold Rolled Steel get priced?

When production is high and the demands are low the cold rolled steel prices go down. When just the opposite happens the prices skyrocket and steel producers once again begin to see profits.

The steel industry is always based on supply and demand so being able to produce more products with less production workers is always an important part to keep the business thriving and competitive.

In conclusion, If the demand for scrap metal goes up, the scrap steel prices will continue to rise. During times of war this has been seen in the past and we are continuing to see it today. If you have an old car sitting in the driveway taking up space you may want to go to the local scrap yard and find out just how much its worth, not only will you be ridding yourself of the eyesore in the driveway, you may just be making a little extra money to spend on other items that you were unable to afford.

Audio Books Industry – Rapidly Growing

It has been observed in the various surveys conducted by the government as well as private organizations that audio books industry is growing continuously as thousands of readers are switching to audio books from the traditional physical books daily. The number of the readers may be millions in the coming years by observing these conversions. In this Modern Era, peoples have become technically advanced and take full advantages of the latest technologies which facilitate them their life-style more convenient and flexible as far as reading is concerned.

It has been said that if anybody loves the reading, no one can be their friend rather than the books. Earlier, when the technology is not advanced like these days, peoples used to read the traditional book by buying or renting it from various retail stores or from the library. Nowadays, peoples use to read audio books as it comes in the form of DVDs, CDs, MP3, WAVE along with many other formats which can be listened anywhere anytime through mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players etc. There are many online stores on which you can find the numerous audio books of various genres as per your choice. Most of the online stores offer the great discount on the book. Moreover, you can also search the books online by their title, author or unique content. Books catalogues are also available on the site of online book stores where you can find the book. It’s a great advantage for visually impaired person who can’t read the traditional physical books. Audio books are also beneficial for the handicapped persons whose hands, legs or any other organ is damaged and can’t sit for a long time. They can fulfill their hobbies of reading comfortably by sleeping anywhere in home.

With the revolutionary increment and popularity of audio books, many eminent publishers are eager to make out the audio version of their best seller books because they think that audio version will replace the physical book in the near future. Moreover, the prices of audio version books are also less than physical books. There are many online stores which gives the facility to download the books instantly after purchasing and making the payment instantly. You can download many books for as less as $15. Thus, you can get the unabridged audio books at the very low cost in comparison of physical book. If you are buying these books first time, go through the Google and other search engines where you can get numerous online stores who sell audio books at the reasonable cost.

Everything Books are an Australian based Audio Book e-tailer. We pride ourselves at being a leading player in online audiobook retail, both in Australia and also internationally. For more details please visit: Books on audio

The Growth of the Call Center Industry of the Philippines

The call center industry of the Philippines is considered as one of the most successful and fastest growing industries in the country. According to many experts, some of the reasons why the call center industry of the country have grown successful in only less than a decade is because of its outsourcing services as well as with its collection of call center services.

Growth of the call center industry of the Philippines The call center industry of the Philippines started as a mere provider of email response and managing services. Compared in today’s market, the number of call center companies in the past weren’t as widely spread, and that only a few agencies are known to offer outsourcing services to different companies, mostly for small and medium businesses.

Eventually, the demand for new call center services grew which led to a number of call center companies and agencies in that time, such as Magellan Call Center, to expand their services to include new call center services.

Some of the new call center services introduced in the industry include almost all types of customer relation services including customer support, technical support, financial services, travel services, booking and reservation services, as well as education services.

Apart from common customer relation services, a number of call center companies in the Philippines, such as Magellan Call Center, also introduced a number of Business Answering Service, including online business to customer support, online business to business support.

Because of the growth of call center services in the Philippines, the demand for more call center companies and agencies providing the same services have significantly increased. And because of this, the industry kept on growing along with the growing demands for outsourcing call center services.

Part of the reason why call center companies were in-demand is because smaller companies, as well as medium companies, can afford to provide a call center service to their customers without having to expand their business and actually hiring their own team of call center agents.

This allows them to focus more on their core businesses rather than in their call center department, particularly because many call center companies today, such as Magellan Call Center, can offer Business Answering Service for their client’s needs.

Success in the international market Because of the growing outsourcing services of the call center industry of the Philippines, as well as with their growing services, many companies from outside the country have decided base their outsourced services in the Philippines, this is by hiring call center companies to offer them the Business Answering Service and customer relation services they needed.

Room For More Growth Say Bingo Industry Experts

According to some internet bingo industry insiders the internet bingo industry is leveling out after a period of rapid expansion. During the last few years the UK has seen a proliferation of new internet bingo websites but things seem to be slowing down somewhat. It would appear that the online bingo gold rush is over. For a while it was incredibly difficult to keep up with all the launches of new bingo sites but according to experts the industry is now leveling off. Competition for players is still keen and most bingo sites are offering players ever increasing bingo bonuses, higher jackpots, more bingo and side games and vastly improved technology. Some internet bingo experts believe 2010 will be the year when internet bingo comes of age complete with mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.

Some gambling giants have entered the internet bingo market. Las Vegas gambling giant Harrahs has launched a new bingo site and the venerable bookmaking firm of Ladbrokes has operated a top internet bingo website for years. Despite the entrance of gaming giants established smaller internet bingo operators are holding their own against the large operators. Bingo operators who take their players for granted do so at their own peril and smaller operators are responding to challenges by gambling giants with highly original marketing using social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Many smaller operators have added more side games and it has been reported that online roulette is running a close second to bingo in popularity among female players.

Since the larger operators have bigger budgets they can easily offer huge jackpots and engage in massive marketing campaigns. Since younger players are more tech savvy online marketing campaigns have been very effective for smaller operators allowing them to remain competitive in a somewhat cutthroat business environment. Internet bingo websites that offer opportunities for social interaction between players have a high player retention rate.

Figures suggest that internet bingo will be a $2 billion dollar a year industry by 2012. Industry experts say that internet bingo revenues for 2010 could easily approach $1.2 billion dollars. The CEO of Virtue Fusion, a bingo software developer, Bob McCulloch believes that the internet bingo industry has a very bright future. McCulloch stated, “After the developments we have seen over the past few years, it is somewhat inevitable that industry commentators are questioning if the UK market has started to reach maturity. It might now be worth hundreds of millions of pounds but there is still room for growth for online bingo. There is certainly more scope for new licensees on the network, though it is likely this will be at the expense of some of the smaller and less creative operators” In other words, smaller operators must stay ahead of their more well heeled competitors of go under.

Career Review Going into the Philippine Call Center Industry

The Philippine call center industry has truly grown in the past year. This is because the Philippines offer all that outsourcing offshore businesses need. First and foremost of these is the available competent workforce and relatively lower cost of labor as compared to an onshore operation. The industry has developed well and lead race in the global outsourcing industry. Every since the industry was went full swing in 1999, there was no turning back in development. A significant number of such businesses established in India moved or branched towards the Philippine archipelago when the large potential for the countrys geographic location was realized.

So are you Ready to Work in a Call Center?
Call centers, also called contact centers are great places to work in especially since one does not need any specific degree to get into one. A lot of Filipinos, according to surveys, have college degrees. However, you could have either finished mass media or nursing and it would not matter. All you need are the right skills especially in communicating with people and you could get hired right away. The best part about getting into this kind of career however, is the pay. This industry offers highly competitive salary rates even for the entry level applicants. This is why the call center has so many applicants.

However, it is not all fun and games. There are also a lot of challenges that one must face when getting into a career as a contact center agent. So what exactly are these challenges?

Challenges of Working in a Philippine Call Center
There are many challenges to working the contact center conditions. Filipinos basically love to wake up early in the morning to work (as opposed to say people in Hong Kong where the night is alive and people sleep till almost noon). But this will have to change because the call center industry requires one to work during the night. This is of course because the Philippines is almost at the opposite end of the globe to the U.S. where most of the customer calls will most likely come from. Thus, the time differential is immense. Day time in the United States is Night time in the Philippines. Conversely, night time in the Philippines is day time in the U.S.

There some dangers to working at night that one should first be aware of before considering going into the contact center industry game. Remember that the body has a natural circadian rhythm also commonly called as ones “body clock.” The body biological clocks time was determined by billions of years of evolution. Reversing this can have bad effects to some people with weak constitutions who cannot adjust well enough. Those with bad respiratory problems will exacerbate their problems. But those with heart diseases should not even consider going into such a career.

Other than these, working in a Philippine call center can be fun and comfortable if one can adjust well enough. The pay is good and there are always good medical benefits such as health cards.

Cnc Machine Tool Industry Development Plan To Be Implemented

Tool is the basic means of production, equipment manufacturing, machine tool industry is a country’s infrastructure and strategic industries. Electromechanical integration equipment, which, as NC machine tools, assembly efficiency, flexibility, precision, complex, integrated many advantages in one, has become the main manufacturing equipment as of processing equipment and machine tools market mainstream.

2004 11 13, Premier Wen Jiabao held in Liaoning business executive forum clearly states: “machine is equipment manufacturing machine tools to realize the modernization of equipment manufacturing industry, depending on the level of development of China’s machine tool . revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, the first to revive the machine tool industry, we should vigorously develop China-made CNC machine tools. “Earlier, Premier Wen Jiabao and other state leaders have issued a directive: to in-depth study based on the development of domestic machine tools, CNC machine tools in particular the planning and policies to improve the level of China’s manufacturing industry.

Leadership of the State Council on development planning, the development of CNC machine tool instructions to speed up the spirit of industry in national development committee under the auspices of the Secretary, June 23, 2004, complete the “Special Plan for the development of CNC machine tool industry,” comments draft. July 13 ~ 14, hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, China Machine Tool Industry Association of specific organizations, held a “special plan for the development of CNC machine tools forum” to hear the views of business representatives and experts and, based on feedback as further revision. October 2004, the special plan was finalized.

To gain time to revitalize the machine tool industry

Recently, the Director General of China Association of Machine Tool length of Satisfying the “CNC Machine Tool Industry Development Plan” of the core were described as follows: “The central idea of this plan are: to support the implementation of industrial policy, through fiscal, tax, credit and other support for the development of CNC machine tool industry; play to market on the role of resource allocation, speed up industrial restructuring and optimization; implementation of the key technological transformation and building 10 to 20 CNC machine tools and functions of parts manufacturing base, increase popular type domestic market share of CNC machine tools; strengthen the research and development capacity-building and support projects, highlight the development of research priorities, to improve aviation, national defense and war on the high-performance CNC machine tool manufacturing industry satisfaction in order to achieve a strategic breakthrough in CNC machine tool industry. ”

To rejuvenate the equipment manufacturing, machine tool industry is bound to go ahead. Satisfying that start as soon as possible, “CNC machine tool industry development plan” is actually for the machine tool industry for the revitalization of the time, the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry to provide a wide range of large CNC machine tools strategically positioned. [Key words]: CNC machine tools Machine tool Equipment manufacturing Comment Large In Small

Getting Into the Wholesale Greeting Cards Industry

Market Research

Firstly, identify what your area of expertise will be, are you an artist, publisher or both. Do you make your own handmade cards, or will you be using printers to produce a line of printed cards? Perhaps you’d like to break into the greetings card market as an artist or illustrator and license your work to already established publishers. Identifying the extent of your role is a useful starting point as perhaps you’d like to focus on the creative side rather than the task of getting your work out into the market. This is where agents and distributors can be the best way forward.

Niche in the Market

It’s important to review what sort of cards you’d like to produce, humorous, sentimental, art cards, handmade, quirky, retroetc etc. The important factor is to try and find a gap in the market and fill it. Alternatively you may think there are cards out there but you could improve in terms of quality and/or price. It’s a competitive business and there will always be new lines in production by the big publishing houses. So, as well as finding your niche in the market you also need to keep the ideas fresh, with new ranges and designs. Keep a clear record of what sells best and be on top of the seasonal trends and occasions.

Trade Magazines/Promotion

Greetings Card Association is a really useful organisation to anyone starting in this industry. They have a wealth of information and contacts, such as Printers, Agents and Distributors. They are a non-profit organisation and even more information is available to their members. One of the main trade magazines for this industry is Progressive Greetings Magazine. They accept submissions for editorials and are happy to promote unpublished artists. They have a huge amount of information about the movers and shakers of the industry. There are lots of trade magazines, so do your research and find out where you could best promote your work.


Pricing is key for getting your products. Take a look at what other publishers are charging for their cards. Although it’s clear that being able to charge your cards competitively can be tricky when pitching them against larger, more established, companies. Be wary of overpricing though with a view to increasing your profit margin as this can end up being counter-productive if sales aren’t forthcoming. Establish where you intend to place your cards in the retail market. For example, the price of a hand-finished luxury card will vary enormously from simple printed cards at the other end of the scale. Ensure that the quality of the materials is adequate to the pricing point, as a consumer wouldn’t expect to buy a luxury card and find upon opening the product that the card is flimsy and of poor quality card stock.


A professionally laid out website is a must in terms of having a point of contact where you can promote your work. Remember this is the focal point of your product, so the look of the site should be well thought out. Design and colour choices are so important in an area where you are promoting creative work. The site should be eye-catching and easy to use. Test the usability and keep it simple. A basic set-up would be to have a home page including a clear outline of who you are, and what you are promoting, clearly laid-out product pages with pricing and ordering details. You’d be surprised by how many sites show their products but do not make it easy for the purchaser. Try and look at your website objectively and see where any potential gaps may be.


The main piece of advice for anyone intending to launch their own product or business is to do a large amount of research. Clearly identify your aim and your end goal. Once you have a clear path to follow, find out all you can about the industry, your competitors and the market place. Once you know what you’re up against, you’ll know if your product has a clear place in the retail market. Then with hard work, determination and the right preparation, anything’s possible.

Today In America Show With Terry Bradshaw And Industry Safety

The producers of Today in America with Terry Bradshaw are pleased to announce an upcoming segment on “Innovative Safety Solutions for 21st Century Industrial Applications” as part of its Today’s Industry series.

According to General Industry standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, any time a general industry worker is exposed to a fall of greater than four feet, the worker is at risk and needs to wear fall protection equipment; however, despite these standards, fall-related incidents continue to occur each year. Experts say the reason is lack of compliance. Research suggests only 55 to 60% of workers required to wear fall protection equipment are actually using it correctly.

In this upcoming Today in America segment, we’ll discover one company committed to reducing the number of fall-related incidents and injuries with innovative fall protection, confined space, and rescue equipment. Today in America is proud to offer an episode on this important topic.

Workplace safety is a major concern for all sectors of our economy. Workplace accidents and injuries account for a huge portion of health care and business costs. Safe workplaces are more efficient and profitable workplaces. Today in America With Terry Bradshaw is pleased to announce this important new show. For more information about Today in America, please visit

Analysis Us Injection Molded Plastic Industry

US injection molded plastic demand will approach 16 billion pounds in 2010 based on diverse applications and cost efficiency, and rebounding markets. Polypropylene will present the best opportunities with fastest growth anticipated in medical, packaging, and electrical and electronic markets. Thermoplastic resins will remain dominant.
This study analyzes the 13.9 billion pound US injection molded plastic industry. It presents historical data for 1995, 2000 and 2005 and forecasts to 2010 and 2015 by resin (e.g., polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS/SAN, PVC, nylon); and by market (e.g., packaging, consumer, motor vehicles, electrical and electronic, medical).
The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 42 major producers including Collins & Aikman, Delphi Automotive Plastics, Lear, Berry Plastics, Visteon, and Plastech Engineered Products.
Injection molded plastics demand in the US is projected to grow 2.8 percent annually to almost 16 billion pounds in 2010, valued at $14.7 billion (resin content only). Resins will account for 40 percent of total injection molded product costs of $36.8 billion. Advances will reflect injection molding’s diverse applications and cost efficiency, as well as rebounding markets. Resin and machinery improvements will also expand applications by enhancing product performance, quality and throughput. Thermoplastic resins will remain dominant due to processing, design and recycling advantages over thermosets. These and other trends are presented in Injection Molded Plastics. For example casting mould,mold making,plastic injection mold etc.
Polypropylene, high density polyethylene and polystyrene together accounted for 63 percent of all Injection molded plastics demand in 2005. Injection molded polypropylene demand is forecast to rise 3.6 percent annually based on the resin’s low cost, good performance and improved performance characteristics such as clarity and melt strength. Best opportunities are anticipated in packaging uses such as caps and closures, and housewares and personal care products. Demand for injection molded high density polyethylene will be fueled by industrial packaging opportunities such as shipping pails, and totes and crates.
Injection molded polystyrene demand will increase slowly due to competitive pressures from lower cost resins such as polypropylene and high density polyethylene. Nevertheless, polystyrene remains one of the best materials for injection molding, with good growth anticipated in electrical and electronic components, and consumer products. Best growth is expected for injection molded thermoplastic polyester and polycarbonate.
Measurements and analyses of the energy used in primary processes, ancillary services, and the building envelope were included in the assessments. Using the resulting data, IAC staff were able to identify opportunities for energy savings, waste-reduction measures, and productivity improvements for each plant. IAC faculty and students captured these opportunities in a set of recommendations made to the individual companies. A broad sampling of the recommendations is included in 11 case studies that are intended to help other companies identify similar opportunities for savings in their own manufacturing operations.
Packaging and consumer markets together accounted for 64 percent of total injection molded plastic demand in 2005. Packaging markets will be driven by opportunities in caps and closures, as well as industrial shipping pails, and totes and crates. Consumer market growth will reflect needs for inexpensive, convenient, lightweight and unbreakable housewares and personal care products such as storage containers and razors. Threatening further advances will be saturation in many areas such as appliances and toys and recreational products, as well as continued import growth from low cost offshore producers such as China.